Managing a group of homeowners isn’t easy. But breaking down accessibility barriers is.

We know that dealing with a group of homeowners can be exhausting. What if some of the neighbours are in arrears? What if the boiler breaks down? And don’t mention the new lift everyone’s asking about!

Don’t complicate things. Cross this task off your list and leave the job of refurbishing or installing a lift to us. We have made more than 250 housing developments accessible in Cordoba, Malaga and Seville. 250 communities with happy neighbours and administrators who sleep soundly.


We adapt each project to the needs and characteristics of each group of homeowners. Yes, even the tricky ones.

Give us an accessibility issue in your community and we’ll find a solution. These are our services and this is how we can help you.

Instalación de ascensores y rampas

Installation of lifts and ramps

We do away with any obstacle that makes it difficult for residents to access their homes by installing lifts and ramps.

Rehabilitación de edificios

Rehabilitation of buildings

Façades in poor condition? Signs of damp? We advise you with the help of the best professionals in each field.

Proyectos de obra nueva

New construction projects

We carry out new construction projects, from family homes to the most ambitious builds.


What they say about us


 We’re not magicians, but we make all architectural barriers disappear.

Miguel Ángel, Mari Carmen and Ana Esther are the 3 pillars of MAD Estudio de Arquitectura. It took us longer to say our names than to find an efficient solution for each building.

Get to know us better and discover why our customers keep coming back.

No one should have problems accessing their home on a daily basis.