Let us accompany you on your next real estate adventure

We design and carry out new construction projects that are both profitable for you and attractive for the end client.

You come up with the idea, we make it happen

We carry out new construction projects in Cordoba and Malaga for investors who don’t want to make a mess of things.

We make your business ideas a reality

A hotel? A theatre? A sports centre?

Tell us your next idea and together we’ll design the project that suits your needs.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive study that will allow you to optimise your investment and make it attractive to end customers.

We advise you and accompany you on your investment adventure

We’ve been working with all manner of architectural projects for 20 years, from the easiest to the seemingly impossible.
We know what problems may arise along the way and we anticipate them so that your investment is never at risk.

We look for the most efficient and cost-effective solution

Our working method involves studying each case carefully, in order to offer you the most efficient solution that will give you the quickest return on your investment.

At the same time, we aim to create an attractive project for the buyer, with minimal deficiencies or delays.

Our latest new building project

More questions about the new building service?

Here are a few questions that pop up from time to time

The first thing we do is listen to your ideas and plans.

We want you to tell us what your next investment is, who it’s aimed at, and what you hope to achieve.

We will thoroughly study its feasibility and design a project that’s as close as possible to these ideas.

Our study and the working method we have developed over the last 20 years will allow us to offer the most efficient and profitable solution for you, and at the same time the most attractive for the buyer.

We will work in collaboration with your team and we put you in touch with all the professionals in the sector that you need.

Once the project design is approved and we have checked its feasibility, we will continue to advise and accompany you throughout the process.

We will support your team in matters of building permits and enforcement.

If you need it, we will also put you in contact with the builders, painters, surveyors and other professionals we trust.

We will supervise the whole project from start to finish so that the result is first class.

Whether or not the project will be completed on time is not something that depends solely on us.

Especially in new construction projects, there are administrative and legal issues that are out of our hands.

However, we can guarantee that we work to provide you with the fastest and most efficient solution so that you can get a return on your investment.

We will make sure that as few unforeseen events as possible occur and that you’re happy with the end result.

If you want to tell us about your next project and find out how we can help you, you can click here and leave your details.

We will give you a call and listen to your ideas and offer you a no-obligation quote.

Your next investment, with the peace of mind of having a team with you all the way.

Contact us and we will design a project that will allow you to get a stress-free return on your investment.