We design and install systems that make your community more accessible

Installation of lifts and ramps for people with reduced mobility in apartment block and buildings across Cordoba and Malaga. We are specialists in breaking down (almost) any architectural or administrative barrier.

Help your neighbours to have a comfortable and accessible home

We can help you with lift or ramp installation.

We’ve got decades of experience in lift installation

Since 2003, we have worked on more than 250 lift projects in communities across Cordoba and Malaga.

We know the sector like the back of our hand and are aware of all the issues that can come up along the way.

We are experts in “impossible cases”

Have you been told that it is impossible to install a lift in your block? Call us, because we love problem solving.

We’ve successfully installed lifts in buildings where residents had lost all hope. The secret? Trying hard to think of solutions that no one else has thought of before.

Save your neighbours money and make a few new friends along the way

Installing a lift in a community is all well and good.

Installing a bigger, more efficient lift and saving your neighbours’ money is even better.

We help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for everyone.

We don’t just do what we have to do.

We’re not just architects. Nor are we a lift installation company.

We are the team that helps make life easier for everyone in your community.

We always offer advice on the design, construction and administrative management so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than looking after your neighbours (which is no mean feat!).

Stress-free administrators and happy neighbours with their lift

What they say about us

Doubts about the installation of lifts and ramps in communities?

Here are the a few questions that pop up pretty regularly

The first thing may surprise you. We listen.

We listen to your needs and those of your neighbours. We want to know if you have tried to install a lift or ramp before, what went wrong, what can be improved, etc.

We visit the building to see how we can make it more accessible and make life easier for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

With this information, we create a project that suits the situation of the building and the community.

What does this mean? That we are specialists in finding the simplest, quickest and most cost effective solution for our clients.

That you will never hear from us again.

That’s what other companies would put in the small print. But we’re not other companies.

Once the project is ready, we try to speed up the administrative and construction processes.

This means we offer you support in terms of management and collaboration with all the professionals involved in the project.

Any questions or problems that come up along the way can be dealt with directly via us, no intermediaries necessary.

Since we don’t know your particular case, we can’t promise miracles.

What we can tell you (and show you with our previous projects) is that we have installed lifts in communities where they’d previously given up hope.

It’s not that we are magicians or have superpowers.

But where others see a difficult job, we see an opportunity to better ourselves and help people live more comfortably.

That’s why we strive to find solutions that no one else has thought of.

The impossible costs us just a little bit more.

In this team we are honest and professional people, that’s why we can’t make these kinds of promises.

Any architect who promises you a deadline with any certainty is not being honest.

There are situations that are totally out of our control and we simply can’t hurry them along.

So we’d rather tell you that we’re doing our best to stick to our side of the bargain and ensure everything else stays on schedule.

If something doesn’t go as expected, we will be there to respond and come up with an alternative plan to minimise disruption.

The only sure thing is that we won’t leave you in the lurch.

You can leave us your details and tell us briefly about your case on this page

We’ll read it and call you to put forward a solution together with a free quote.

If the project suits you, we will start working on how to install a lift in the building and make it more accessible for everyone.

We look forward to making life easier for you and your neighbours.

Contact us now and we’ll ensure that no one in your building has problems getting in or out of their home.